Minca Experience

"In a very natural environment that combines the tropics with the mountains and where numerous species of multicolored birds abound". 

The recently renovated Hotel Minca La Casona is waiting for you! Our colonial style hotel has 14 rooms with private bathrooms and 50 years of hotel tradition.

The ancient Tayrona road that runs along our entrance is evidence that the place was in use for many years before the construction of this ancient convent.

Come and enjoy our restaurant of typical and international food and an unforgettable service to make you feel at home. In our restaurant you can also enjoy the company of hundreds of hummingbirds that come to the drinking troughs we have on the balcony, in addition to the impressive view of the mountains that lie at the foot of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The Hotel also has a private parking service with capacity for up to 80 vehicles, an outdoor swimming pool, wifi in the balcony area and restaurant and a communal cable TV area.  

Perfect Location

Hotel Minca - La Casona

Minca is a beautiful town very close to Santa Marta and the ideal place to achieve a proper rest in a natural environment.

The Corregimiento de Minca can be reached by a serpentine road of 14 km that starts in Santa Marta and can be reached in 25 minutes by car. The Hotel Minca La Casona is located at the entrance of the Corregimiento diagonal to the Police Station, 10 minutes by car from Pozo Azul and 20 minutes from the Marinka Waterfalls


Ecotourism is defined as trips that have as their purpose, to carry out rest, contemplative or recreational activities in contact with nature and/or cultural expressions of local communities. With the attitude and commitment to know, respect, enjoy and participate and finance the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. These trips are made in areas not disturbed by man and include practices of cultural and environmental understanding and awareness.

Minca is the ideal place to carry out these activities and our hotel is the ideal place to start them.

The tropical rainforest is found with trees up to 40 m high and of various species. Vines, palms, trees and ferns abound.


The fauna is even larger with bears, deer and smaller species such as armadillos, hedgehogs, ocelots and monkeys. Thousands of birds, insects and butterflies make concerts of singing, buzzing and chirping. You can enjoy all this wonderful natural landscape in the Hotel Minca La Casona.


We have ample and comfortable spaces in our facilities so that you can enjoy all the magic atmosphere of our hotel.

We have special areas for your relaxation with trees and beautiful meadows for walks. 

They are ideal spaces for your rest, to meet and enjoy a chat with your family or friends.

The spaces in and around our facilities are spectacular and ideal for practices such as birding.